The Space Station 

PreSonus RML32ai mixer, Electro-Voice EKX Series 15" Mains & 18" Subs, 2 Gator 14u Tour Road Cases, 2 Furman Power Conditioners, 4-way Antenna Extension, Netgear Dual-Router, Seismic Audio 16 Channel Splitter Snake with 15' tails, Chauvet Lighting: 2 RGB Geysers, 2 Colorstrips, 6 SlimPar56, 2 Intimidator 100's, Xpress 512 Controller, Froggy's Fog QuikBlast Fluid.


Jon's Flight Bag

Shure GLX Wireless Beta 58 mic, Shure PSM300 In-Ear Monitors w/ Shure 215 buds.

Dustin's "Rig"-A-Mortis

03' Gibson Les Paul Wine Red, 91' Gibson Les Paul Wine Red, Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde Camo Custom+, Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Mark II w/ MFC-101 Midi Foot Controller, Glass LED Pedalboard, Custom Crybaby Expression Pedals, D'Addario Strings 10's, Shure GLX Wireless, Carvin PSM900 In-Ear Monitors w/ Shure 425 buds, Hercules 3-way stand, Shure SM58 mic.

Alec's Launch Pad

Washburn PII w/ Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, Fractal Audio AX8 Floor Processor w/ EV1 Expression Pedal, D'Addario Strings, Shure PSM300 In-Ear Monitors w/ Shure 425 buds, Shure Beta58 mic.

Tom's Space Bass Setup

Schecter Stiletto Elite Bass, Mark Bass Lil Mark 800 Head, Elixir 45-100 Strings, Line6 G10 Wireless, Idiot Box Mad Doctor, Digitech Bass Whammy, MXR Envelope Filter, MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe, MXR Bass Compressor, Darkglass Vintage Micro Tube, Mojo Hand Colossus, Gator Pedal Board, TC Helicon mic, Carvin PSM900 In-Ear Monitor w/ Westone buds.

Kory's Kit & Kaboodle

Tama Drums, Zildjin Cymbals, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, DW 900 Double Bass Pedal, Tama & Gibraltar Hardware, Kelly Shu Mounts, Behringer HA4700 Headphone Amp w/ Shure 215 buds.